Finishing encompasses all the processes performed after printing. This includes embellishments, right through to cutting, folding and binding into a finished book or magazine. The below list details the processes commonly available - as to which will suit you best, will depend entirely upon your specific project requirements. We're happy to be your sounding board, to discuss and determine the option for you.

Our Bindery services include:

  • Die/Forme cutting
  • Cutting
  • Folding
  • Gluing
  • Perforating
  • Drilling
  • Saddle stitching and Loop stitching
  • Spiral binding and Wiro Binding
  • Perfect Binding
  • Burst Binding
  • PUR Binding
  • Case Binding


When you're wanting to add something special or indeed some extra protection to your finished piece - embellishments are key. With so many to choose from you can find one which aligns perfectly to your needs.

Laminating - when applying a protective film - think Gloss, Matt, Satin, SilkTouch, Antiscuff and Biodegradable films

UV Coatings - the most common is Gloss UV, yet there are many more options available from Matt, Glitter, High-build, Sand texture, Scratch-off latex, Scratch & Sniff to Glow in the Dark

Foil Stamping - using your design a stamp is created to apply a foil of your choosing - varying from Metallic, Holographic right through to Pigment foils

Debossing & Embossing - add some depth with a deboss which pushes your design into the sheet. Or alternatively, raise up the surface with an emboss and it will push your design outwards

Sculptured Embossing - ultimate craftsmanship - with hand engraving your detailed design into a stamp