Colour Management

Our team and our processes are geared to produce high quality and consistent colour all year round on everything we do. We run to the latest ISO 12647-2 : 2013 certification – it’s in our proofs, our plates and within our final printed result. When you view our proofs they're using these standards; you'll see how we simulate the influence of stock and ink behaviour for both coated and uncoated materials. We've made sure this is an accurate simulation of what you'll see on press. It means your brand, and indeed any colour critical project are safe in our hands.

Colour – by measuring it, we can manage it


Page geometry, brand compliance, Pantone colours, image composition, fonts, trapping, ink weights – under a fine tooth comb – we check and double check your file. Once all specifications are aligned, we proof it, for your approval to proceed to print.

By running within the tightly controlled ISO parameters – we achieve the same result for your product and brand, time and time again.