Personalised and cross-media communications. Integrated, cost effective and sophisticated data preparation, intelligent matching and EDM campaign management.

Direct Mail

Southern Impact’s mail team is highly experienced in providing personalised and cross-media communications. Along with integrated, cost effective and sophisticated data preparation, intelligent matching and EDM campaign management

Mail anything from direct marketing impact pieces, plastic wrapped magazines, through to charity acquisition mailers — we have the team and capabilities.

Merging your clean data – into letters, forms, coupons, flyers, in combination with Intel technology; we’ll append DPID barcodes and design your documents and forms in whatever style and format you require.

Combine this with full colour variable printing – it’ll give you and your target audience a truly personalised communication.

Our Mailing services include:

  • Plastic wrapping with flysheets for Magazines, brochures, newsletters
  • Variable digital Printing
  • Ink Jet Printing
  • Charity Mail Acquisitions
  • Business critical mail
  • Handline Fulfilment
  • Intelligent Inserting
  • Member based mail

Data Management

Our mailing team keeps up to date on all things postage: from full AMAS (Address Matching Approval System), through to all current updates on Australia Post’s PAF and New Zealand Post’s PAF (Postal Address File) requirements.

By validating your data against PAF requirements, we’ll ensure your data is on the right track; achieving significant savings on your bulk postage costs. We’ll dedupe your data and prepare with Barcode Presort, PrintPost, Linehaul, Consolidation and Impact Mail requirements.

Essential Mail

Statements, bills, invoices, reminder notices, and statutory notifications – the kind of mailing that just has to happen, often quickly. Our facilities and team will process these efficiently and securely.

Intelligent Insertion

High speed mechanical insertion with Intel technology = speedy and accurate mail communications to your database with absolute ease.

Plastic Wrapping

Plastic wrapping provides a cost effective alternative to envelopes. It allows immediate visual impact which is weather proof. You can also align your environmental credentials by using our 100% biodegradable films.

Considerations when working with Mailing:

  • Substrate/stock – Ensure your item weighs under the postage weight and price bracket
  • Lead times – Supply your data for cleansing before print production finishes
  • Artwork – Use a ‘5th’ colour overprint to show your variable data fields
  • Finishing – Ensure your envelopes are larger than your finished product
  • Delivery/distribution – Allow longer amounts of time for interstate and regional deliveries. Different postage options and prices have different delivery standards.