The last critical step ensuring your complex marketing campaign is fulfilled and delivered on time.

Southern Impact – your pick and pack specialists. 

A complex marketing campaign often involves various goods to be picked, packed and distributed to various locations. This is the last piece of the puzzle in getting your goods out to your target audience. This is why having a skilled and dedicated pick and pack team that has an absolute focus on attention to detail is critical for business success. We won’t allow this last part of the process fail all the planning and effort that has been invested into your marketing campaign.

There’ll be occasions when you need a complete campaign fulfilled - using stock we have warehoused, in combination with new stock being produced by us or by another valued supplier. We’ll pack and kit specifically to your needs. We will ensure that the packaging is made to suit, focusing on ensuring your group of products arrives intact and transported in the most cost efficient manner possible.

Our project managers will brief our pick and pack team on all the intricates of your project and nothing will be assumed as we fulfill this most important requirement.

And if required we can proactively track your freight to ensure your goods have arrived at their destination.

Considerations for Pick and Pack:

  • If goods are coming from other suppliers, introduce them to Southern Impact so we can work together for you.
  • Communicate your in hand date as early as possible so we can work backwards to coordinate the manufacturing and pick and pack process.
  • Provide a final spreadsheet that is very clear what is required for each recipient.
  • Ensure all delivery addresses have contact names and numbers.


Utilising Southern Impact to manage our projects from print to delivery provides complete peace of mind. We’re able to lean on Southern Impact to consult with each printing project to achieve the best results to budget whilst savings costs wherever possible. I’m very thankful for the approachable nature of Brad and the broader Southern Impact team and appreciate the great work from our long standing relationship.

Steph Brodie – Dulux

From manufacturing through to delivery we will see your project through to completion.